Adolescent Suicide Awarness & Prevention Adolescent Suicide Awarness & Prevention
   In the early spring of 2011 a group of friends teamed up with the already established Shelby County Community Charities organization. Their goal is to help a local Shelbyville teen, Robert Phillips, overcome a self inflicted brain injury that left him fully dependent upon medical care. RobFest is a music event formed to help raise the funds to enable Robert (Robbie) Phillips to receive Autologous Adipose (fat cells from his own body) stem cell procedures in Phoenix Arizona, and to raise awareness and prevention of Bullying and Teen Suicide.  RobFest was held on July 16th, 2011. Twenty Six bands volunteered to perform on two stages. The event drew over 1600+ spectators!

  In July 2012, we joined together to form the Shelby County Adolescent Suicide Awareness & Prevention. Our focus is to continue to raise awareness of Bullying and Adolescent and Teen Suicide and help support those in need of Stem Cell treatments.

  Contact us at for more information.  Thank you!

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